7 of the World's Smallest Houses

Author: Kelly Cruz, Customer Support Specialist – Realty Partners LLC

Sarasota, FL. October 29th, 2021 – Are your buyers looking to downsize? How small is too small? It turns out that there are plenty of small homes out there in all shapes and sizes. If your buyers have a minimalist mindset, they may be intrigued by some of the world’s smallest houses. Check out the list of uniquely tiny homes below:

Toronto’s Smallest House featured on the Ellen Show

In 1912 This house was built between two much bigger houses. It is a fully functioning home with plumbing, electrical, pull out bed, kitchen etc. The builder and his wife lived in the home for 20 years after it was built. The pull out bed must be spacious. 

Small House in Tokyo, Japan

This “stacked” little home made of metal zinc was built in 1999. It features a zigzag staircase in the center of the home, with a large bathroom and enclosed roof terrace. Homes like these are becoming more and more popular in Japan as the price of land lots have continued to rise. 

The “Gap House” in London

Also known as the “Slim House”, this home was built between two larger structures and is only seven feet and seven inches wide. The house offers a small back garden space, 4 bedrooms, and plenty of storage.

Tiny Cottage in Port Orchard, Washington

This is just one of many eight cabins designed and built by Rebecca Abair. These fully functional cabins include a full bathroom, small kitchen space, and a loft for sleeping. 

Little Bungalow in Redlands, California

This house was originally the home of the gardener on a large estate. 30 years after Janet Korff first saw this dreamy home she found out it was on the market and just had to get it. It was built in 1890 and since Janet got her hands on it there have been several updates made, turning this tiny little residence into a beautiful, cozy, little bungalow. 

Oceanside Tiny Home in Freeport, Maine

This 411 sq ft home was designed by Mac Lloyd with Creactive Cottages, LLC. Featuring one bathroom, one bedroom, a full kitchen, and a gas fireplace; this tiny house is a perfect vacation home get-away. 

The Tiniest Home in Chicago, Illinois

Built just a few years after the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, this 780 sq ft cottage is centered in Chicago’s Old Town neighborhood. It was originally built by Chicago Relief and Aid Society as a “fire-relief cottage kit”. The home has gone through extensive renovations since it was first built.

When your buyers are looking to downsize; how small are they talking? If they are interested in tiny homes then they will want to know what to expect; after all they can’t fit everything from that four bedroom home they are listing. If they need some tips on downsizing, you can share this article with them for more informatiion.