Best Apps for Agents

Author: Kelly Cruz, Customer Support Specialist – Realty Partners LLC

Sarasota, FL. August 18, 2021 – Let’s face it; technology is taking over, but we don’t see that has a bad thing. Technology has made it easier, faster, and more convenient for Real Estate Agents to be successful, safe, accountable, and organized. We have compiled a list of some of the most popular and useful apps on the market and have decided to share them with you.

KvCORE – KvCORE is a robust CRM platform for agents. It can be used to not only track leads and automate campaigns, but also market listings and the agent themselves. It has a full marketplace for optional add-ons. Users can build landing pages to bring more traffic to their site and create custom codes for their websites or marketing materials.

Forewarn – Agents can use this safety app to learn more about a potential buyer before meeting them in person. This is especially helpful for buyers that are not within the agents sphere of influence and who more or less are strangers. The app positively identifies over 80% of incoming calls. It collects information on an individual’s current residence including a full address and vehicle ownership. It also identifies a prospect’s criminal history and financial risks such as bankruptcies or liens.

Stride – Stride makes tax season much easier for real estate agents. The app allows individuals to track their milage easily and automatically by simply running in it the background while working. It then uses a built-in GPS to track and log every mile driven. It also allows users to track expenses and provides an IRS-ready tax summary.

BombBomb – This video recording app allows users to share their personal video messages with a breeze. These videos can be embedded into emails for agents to introduce themselves or send a quick follow up to their customers with a more personal touch. This keeps the agent top of mind for potential buyers or sellers and helps them to feel more connected.

Audible – Listeners are provided with a wide selection of podcasts or audiobooks. This is great for agents who find themselves on the road a lot. They can listen to their real estate research and reading that they may not otherwise have time to do at home with their busy schedules.

Calendly Mobile – It can be tricky to keep appointments in order for a busy Real Estate Agent. Calendly makes scheduling much smoother and easier for both the agent and the customer. Users are provided with a link to their scheduling calendar for calls or meetings that their buyers or sellers can use. They can block off time that they are not available so there are no conflicts in their schedule and easily access their calendar of appointments right from their phone.

Dotloop – Think of Dotloop as a virtual filing cabinet. Agents can build “loops” that include their entire transaction from listing, to contract, to close. They can take pictures of documents right on their phone for easy upload and signature. They can also send messages to agents on the other side of the transaction. This allows the agent to keep everything in one place without having to shuffle through multiple folders to locate a document or print and scan documents for signature.

Waze – “Wazers” or users of the app get real-time traffic alerts from fellow drivers. The app alerts users when there is a traffic jam, an accident, or a hazard on the road. It uses this real-time reporting to give its users the most up to date route for the quickest arrival time; saving agents more time to work with their customers.

There are plenty of fantastic apps out there, and new ones coming on the market every day. In this day and age it is almost imperative to utilize apps in order to stay organized and on time. Some apps require memberships with hard costs involved but Realty Partners LLC offers its agents a variety of technologies.

We are happy to share that we provide at no added cost DotLoop and KvCORE (with a limited BombBomb access included) to our agents. If you want to learn more about what else we have to offer feel free to reach out to us directly at or visit us at