Introducing Beth Davis

Would you like to become a co-owner of your brokerage, and profit from Title and other income streams? 

Please meet our newest co-owner and equity partner, Beth Davis, who has done it. Beth is not just one of our REALTOR agents, but she is a co-owner of our brokerage, title company and other profit centers.

Beth Davis received her broker license in July of 2002. At the time she was a Social Worker and was caring for her 3-year-old child. She says that her job at the time was very demanding and decided she wanted a career with more flexibility which was the determining factor of becoming involved in the real estate industry. Since then, she has been enjoying being a REALTOR because she gets to “meet new people and new financial opportunities can pop up at any moment.”

In August of 2018 she moved her license from Next Home Beach Time Realty to join us here at Realty Partners and has had much success since.  Her two main reasons for joining us were the platform we provide for residual income and being given the opportunity to become a part owner of Realty Partners. She really enjoys her fellow agents and utilizing the Title Company and is looking forward to taking advantage of Lending once we roll out that piece of our business platform.  

Beth says that her top 2 professional goals for the next 5 years are to build her retirement fund and pay off her home.

Realty Partners has pioneered an entirely new ownership opportunity for real estate professionals, complete with a true exit strategy for retirement multiple passive income streams and more.

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