Closing Gifts for your Home Buyers

Author: Kelly Cruz, Customer Support Specialist – Realty Partners LLC

Sarasota, FL. July 29, 2021 – When choosing a closing gift for your buyers be sure that you think about who they are as individuals. Every one of your buyers have different interests and lifestyles. Do they have young kids? Are they animal lovers? Are they tech savvy? These are just some things to consider when choosing the right gift for them. We’ve put together a list of gift ideas to help you make a decision that is better suited for your buyers.

If your buyers are pet lovers, you can gift them some new tags for their cat or dog with their new address. You can also purchase a gift box with toys, treats etc. for their pets. A very popular one that you can send as a one-off gift (and don’t have to worry about a continued subscription) is Barkbox.

Home security is becoming increasingly popular and more affordable. Your buyers may be planning to set up a home security system, but this doesn’t happen overnight. They will need to schedule an appointment and go through a process to get this set up. A great closing gift for your buyers while they are waiting for the system to get set up is a video doorbell. These are relatively easy and quick for your buyer to set up and feel more secure.

Home maintenance isn’t something your buyers are going to want to deal with while they are still unpacking all their boxes. Save them some time and energy by gifting them home services with a reputable professional. You could hire a landscaper to upkeep their yard for the first month or perhaps a pest control company to treat their home for their first year.

You can get creative and put together a gift for your buyers. Make a gift basket with odds and ends that you know your customers will love. You could also stick to the basics and fill it with toiletries and home essentials such has dish soap, toilet paper, paper towels etc.

Of course, there are gifts that can inadvertently be in poor taste.

According to Hooquest there are some gifts to avoid:

“Alcohol. Not everyone imbibes, and some religions forbid it altogether. Still others struggle with temperance and don’t need you derailing that train. I think the best idea is to just avoid alcoholic gifts like a bottle of wine unless you know your clients’ drinking habits well.

Anything that Goes on a Calendar. Don’t do anything that obligates a new homeowner to anything. You want to be taking things off their plate, not putting things on it.”

If you are still at a loss for what to gift your buyers, you can never really go wrong with gift cards. Get them a gift card to a local store, to Amazon, or their favorite restaurant. Better yet, treat your buyers to dinner and really leave a lasting impression on them even after the closing.