Curb Appeal - Tips & Tricks

Author: Kelly Cruz, Customer Support Specialist – Realty Partners LLC

Sarasota, FL. July 23, 2021 –It’s no secret that first impressions stick. This is also true for home buying; and what is the first thing buyers see when they are looking at your listing? The curb appeal (or lack thereof). It is imperative that buyers’ first impression is a good one. Buyers may not even walk through the front door if they are displeased with the exterior of the home. We have put together some tips to help amp up your listings’ curb appeal and get those buyers wanting to see more.

A clean and lush yard is key so your sellers will probably want to do some landscaping. They can bring some life and color to their yard by planting native flowers and other plants. Edging up the walkways and trimming trees/bushes helps to give the yard a manicured look. They can go the extra mile by incorporating stripes or patterns when mowing their lawn. Don’t forget to remind your sellers to rake and leaf-blow any clippings left behind.

The front porch and entry way will be seen up close and personal by buyers so you will want to encourage your sellers to take the time to update the area.  Make sure any bug nests, spider webs, leaves, or dirt are cleaned up. Have your sellers update the lighting fixtures and change bulbs for brighter lighting. They can also slap a fresh coat of paint on the front door and stage the area. Adding some potted plants, a welcome mat and a set of chairs makes a big difference and gives the home a cozy feel.

For finishing touches add a fresh coat of paint to the home. If the walkways or driveway have a lot of wear and tear, then they may need to be refinished or simply power washed to clean up oil spills and dirt. To top it off they can replace or repaint their house numbers and give the mailbox a good scrub.

Curb appeal has a lasting impression on buyers, so it is important not to skip out on these tips. These tasks can seem overwhelming, but your sellers’ can always hire professionals to do the work for them. Find some reputable painters, landscapers, and “handymen” to refer to your seller or you can contact the Real Estate Help Team to find vendors for you and assist you with your listing for a seamless sale. Remember, first impressions stick so make it a good one.