Digital Business Cards

Author: Kelly Cruz, Marketing Coordinator – Realty Partners LLC

Sarasota, FL. December 17th, 2021 – Have you heard of digital business cards? This may be something new for you, but can you really say it’s surprising? We surely don’t think so considering almost everything is going digital these days. From video call meetings to e-signing, and online notaries, business cards are hopping on the bandwagon of going digital and they are becoming increasingly popular.

What are digital business cards? It is exactly what it sounds like a business “card” for working professionals that can be shared digitally. They can include all the information you would provide on a normal business card such as your headshot, name, contact info, website etc. They are convenient and you never run out of them.

Digital business cards are also known as electronic or virtual business cards and can be easily shared via email or text message to potential customers or for networking purposes. They have been taking off in popularity after the pandemic probably because they are always accessible to you via your phone, tablet, or computer. Digital business cards tend to be more affordable than your traditional paper cards and can be easily updated without having to reorder an entire print stock of cards.

There are several digital business card apps on the market which leaves you with plenty of options for what works for you. One of the most popular apps that offer these is HiHello. They offer different options from free to only $6 a month. Can you say affordable?! If they don’t “tickle your fancy” then check out the list below of other digital business card providers to choose from.

Dibiz offers free digital business cards. You can create your own card in 2 minutes and save to your device to access anywhere.

Evaunt allows you to create as many cards you would like for free all in one account. You also get a free URL for your account to set up your unlimited cards.

Switchit offers free digital business cards. You can upload your very only 25 second video as a cover image, which is perfect for REALTORs that want to show off a listing. It also allows your prospects to download your property listing flyers directly from your card.

Haystack lets you design your card in seconds for free. You can add images, video, and social media account links. It lets you take a picture of your current paper business card and upload it for quick set up.

If you are sick of your traditional paper business cards and want something more accessible, then you should consider creating a digital business card. Many times, paper cards get lost or tossed away, wasting paper and your hard earned money. Digital business cards are cost effective, waste free, and always in your pocket. Find the one that works best for you and start creating your own.