Home Security Tips for Your Buyers

Author: Kelly Cruz, Marketing Coordinator – Realty Partners LLC

Sarasota, FL. November 23rd, 2021 – According to Forbes, on average over 1 million burglaries occur in the United States each year, and first time home buyers are especially susceptible to becoming a victim. If you want to go above and beyond as a buyer’s agent, give them home security tips to prevent this from happening to them. Your buyers will be forever grateful in the event that these tips have to prove themselves useful. We have created a list of some tips that your buyer’s may find helpful. 


It is important for your buyers to change the locks to all of their outside doors. It may not just be the previous owner that finds their way into their home, there are also family members, babysitters etc. that may still have a spare key. It is good practice for homeowners to install a deadbolt and keep their doors locked during the day as most burglars will find the easiest entry to a home and many will intrude during daylight hours.

Windows & Sliding Glass Doors

Door sensors and glass break sensors help prevent unwanted entry. However, as aforementioned burglars often go for the easiest entry, so remind your buyers to keep their windows and glass doors locked on a regular basis. New home owners will often have contractors in and out of their home making updates to the property so it is important that they check all windows after contractors leave to assure they are locked. Another good practice for homeowners is to plant thick or prickly bushes around first story windows to deter intruders. 


Encourage your buyers to get to know their neighbors and find one they can trust. Burglars like to hit houses when the owners are out of town so making the home appear to still be occupied can work as a deterrent. They should let their trusted neighbor know when they are going out of town so that they can keep an eye out for anything suspicious. The neighbor can check the mail, bring out the trash bins, and collect newspapers so the home doesn’t appear vacant. Another good tip for your buyers is to only post photos and updates of their vacation once they have returned so others are not aware of their absence. 

Security Systems

Whether DIY or professionally installed, there are several security systems on the market these days. Cameras around the house (whether real or fake) act as a deterrent to thieves; door and window alarms act as a last resort and a homeowners’ direct connection to emergency services. There are a lot of security options to choose from, here is a list of the best home security systems ranked by U.S. News. 

Finally closing on that home your buyers have been dreaming of is an exciting moment. Help your buyers to prepare from the risk of intrusion on their safe space and give them some preventative tips. As an added bonus, give your buyers’ a Ring Doorbell as a closing gift. These doorbells offer audio and video features and are a quick way for your buyers to DIY their first home security measure.