How To Prepare for the FL Real Estate Exam

Few people walk into the real estate exam and think that they want to fail (unless one is being forced into working in real estate, then by all means fail). Aren’t there any tips and tricks to make sure that one succeeds and passes the exam without having to take it another time or five? Of course there are! It’s like being in school all over again, but it’s more than just for your diploma this time.

Figure out your learning style

Many people have heard about learning styles and the best modes that they can employ to make studying easier. Maybe the reason why people do well in other classes and not so much in others is simply because of the methodology the teacher uses. Because having a teacher that explains things differently than we understand has never happened to any of us ever.

Once you figure out your learning style, studying will then be a little easier as then looking up tactics specific to your style will only prove more useful down the road. Several quiz types are available online.


Many recommend the usual tactics of flashcards, books, and other techniques from school that we used when younger. Those tactics still work, yet what are the updates that have happened over the years? With the introduction of apps and the mobile movement, this has made learning much more accessible beyond what can be learned at a desktop computer. We now have websites that can promise a course as well as various apps that help studying efforts.

For Books:

  • Barron’s
  • Champions
  • Dearborn (comes with app)
  • Some local associations have them for free – also, you might get lucky at the library.

For websites:

For Apps:

Real Estate Practice Exam 2019

Other places to look:

Pearson VUE

Ok, so now what? What about the test itself? How can I prep for that?

Remember the old tests back in the day and the techniques that were associated with it? The tricks to remember are:

  1. Answer the easy questions first
  2. If you spend more than a minute on a question, move on and come back to it later
  3. Know the language of a trick question

And of course, practice until everything becomes blurry.

What tips do you have? Let us know in the comments!