Outdoor Spaces Buyers Love

Author: Kelly Cruz, Customer Support Specialist – Realty Partners LLC

Sarasota, FL. September 30, 2021 – People have been spending more and more time outdoors since the pandemic. This means a home with a quality outdoor space is even more important than before. If you are a buyers agent looking for the perfect home for your customer, then you may want to pay attention to not only the inside of the home but the home’s outdoor space as well. This goes beyond a well-manicured backyard; consider structural elements such as outdoor kitchens or firepits.

Outdoor kitchens are the most popular outdoor living additions, according to a recent survey by FIXR. An outdoor kitchen is ideal for the homeowner that enjoys entertaining. This is perfect if your buyer likes to host friends and families for parties or holidays. Outdoor kitchens keep everything and everyone in one place, and the cleanup is not quite so cumbersome. If your buyer can’t quite afford a home with an outdoor kitchen, consider a home that comes with a grilling porch.

Firepits are next on the list for most popular outdoor living additions. Firepits bring tranquility to the backyard and provide warmth during cold winter nights. They are great for entertaining guests of all ages and just bring some added “umph” to the outdoor space. If you don’t have any luck locating the perfect home that includes a firepit, then your buyer can always purchase a stand alone firepit. These can be more versatile as they are not installed into a foundation and can be relocated as needed.

Shading falls number three on the list for outdoor living additions. Pergolas are great for providing both partial or complete shade depending on the design. They are also great for keeping everyone cool on a hot summer day and can double as a grilling porch provided that the homeowner has a portable grill.

If your buyers are natural entertainers, then you can almost guarantee they will be hosting guests at their homes. Once you have found your buyer a house with their ideal outdoor space you can help them envision how they can make it feel like home. Suggest some accessorizing options, such as lighting, plants, or perhaps a water fountain. You could even give them a nice outdoor plant as a closing gift to help get them started.