Pictures: They're Worth a Thousand Words

Author: Kelly Cruz, Customer Support Specialist – Realty Partners LLC

Sarasota, FL. June 24, 2021 – We all know the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words”, but what are the pictures saying about your listing? According to the National Association of REALTORS® 51% of buyers found their home on the internet, and 89% of buyers who searched online found pictures to be some of the most useful features when choosing what home to view. It should go without saying that you want the photos of your listing to reflect the beauty of the property so there are a few things to consider when planning a photoshoot.

If you are interested in doing your own photography for your listing, you will want to think about things like staging and making sure your camera has a wide-angle lens. Below are a few real estate photography tips from NAR.

  • Use a digital SLR camera with a wide-angle lens (12-18mm) and a tripod
  • Stand in a corner and shoot at an angle to make a room look larger
  • Organize photos so that they flow in the order you would show a home

Aerial shots are becoming increasingly popular. They allow the buyer to see the entire yard and landscape, as well as surrounding neighborhood features such as ponds or playgrounds. According to Home Value Leads, 83% of home sellers prefer to work with an agent that uses drones. Drone technology is advancing quickly so it is important to purchase a drone that is both in your budget and gives you more ‘bang for your buck’. You will also want to be educated on any laws or regulations that are in place for flying a drone where you will be shooting. You can learn more about drone photography and what drone may be best for you at the Home Value Leads Website.

Consider hiring a professional. The photos you share on the MLS reflect the quality of work you put into your listings. Not only will your photos look great, but you are more likely to attract potential sellers that will want to list their home with you. There is also the added benefit of the many hours you will save that you can use to focus on other real estate endeavors. Be sure to communicate with your photographer about your image usage. Broker and photographer Brian Copeland suggests, “If you go the route of hiring a professional, make sure you understand the copyright laws. The person who actually takes the photos owns the copyright to the photos.” You can click here for more tips from Brian and to hear his full interview on the Center for REALTOR® Development Podcast.

When it comes to real estate photography there are a lot of options. Take your time to find the right equipment or photographer. Perhaps reach out to a local agent who’s listing photos look fantastic. Find out who they use and see if they work for you. The images you share on the MLS say a lot about your listing so make sure you go with what is best for your business.  Remember, “a picture is worth a thousand words” so let the pictures do the talking for you.