Realty Partners Overhauls Business Tools for REALTORs in 2019

Thomas Heimann, CEO of Realty Partners, LLC, announced on December 13th that the agents would see some major changes to the brokerage in 2019. Since its inception, lead generation, specialized marketing, and a few other tools came at a cost to those carrying the Realty Partners’ name. Heimann acknowledged the need that fellow entrepreneurs have in terms of cost and equalizing their success to their efforts.

This is why Realty Partners has decided to make several changes effective the beginning of the new year.

Firstly, lead generation for Realty Partners agents will be completely free on January 1st, 2019. We recognize agents’ efforts out there, and those efforts should be maximized to their full potential. No marketing fees or up-front cost will be incurred.

Secondly, Realty Partners has teamed up with CirclePix Marketing to bring agents a free experience to take command of their social media and marketing. CirclePix offers both PixMarketing and PixSocial, both able to grant to others to the placing of their marketing efforts on autopilot, saving time to help out others in their home search. This package normally ranges around $199 a month, but starting in 2019, all agents will have free access.

Thirdly, Realty Partners has come to realize that their agents are their most important asset. REALTORs are investing their time in us:we should invest in their education. So, coming to new agents in 2019, REALTORs® with Realty Partners will have a FREE all-access pass to Rebus University’s training programs, some courses valuing at over $1000 each. Many of our REALTOR®s already have access to the many training programs and have begun their path to success via the University.

Lastly, because the Team Realty Partners Cruise 2018 was such a success, the REALTOR®s plan on cruising again in 2019. However, there will be a few changes on how it’s going to happen. Instead of having people pay to have a spot, it will be FREE to those that qualify. Whether agents elect not to recruit, recruit some, or entirely recruit, if they achieve the qualifying benchmarks, they earn their spot on the Team Realty Partners 2019 Cruise.

More announcements are to come! We will tell you what next to expect from Realty Partners in the near future.