Introducing Susan Proctor

Would you like to become a co-owner of your brokerage, and profit from Title and other income streams? 

Please meet our newest co-owner and equity partner, Susan Proctor, who has done it. Susan is not just one of our REALTOR agents, but she is also a co-owner of our brokerage, title company and other profit centers.

Susan Proctor became a licensed real estate agent in May of 1988. Her career as a REALTOR stemmed from her 30 years in multi-family property management.  She found the knowledge and experience she gained through those years to be beneficial in her endeavors as a REALTOR. She loves helping people find their dream home and making the process easy for them. She is a firm believer in helping individuals build financial security through real estate.

In May of 2018 Susan moved her license from Coldwell Banker to join us here at Realty Partners. One of the main reasons for her joining the company is the added potential benefit of building financial security for herself. She finds that through Realty Partners she can improve her service to her customers through the many technologies provided. She says that truly being her own boss and the ability to improve her skills is what she is the most excited about with Realty Partners.

Susan’s 3 top professional goals for the next 5 years are becoming fully vested in Realty Partners, bringing on a couple more recruits, and ultimately being able to retire.

Realty Partners has pioneered an entirely new ownership opportunity for real estate professionals, complete with a true exit strategy for retirement multiple passive income streams and more.

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