Top 6 Unique Homes

Author: Kelly Cruz, Customer Support Specialist – Realty Partners LLC

Sarasota, FL. July 8,2021 – If you are a buyer’s agent in the current Real Estate Market, then you have probably seen a fair share of different homes lately. Some freshly renovated, some fixer uppers, and some that are pretty unique. You may have seen the recent article on the infamous “Vampire House” by Inman News which features a backyard “cemetery”, all black décor, and a dungeon like basement. The “Vampire House” got us thinking; what other type of creative homes may be out there?

Perhaps your buyers are looking for something with more ‘zest’ than your standard single-family home. From a water-locked getaway home to a bunker home hidden in plain sight; we have compiled a list of our top 6 favorite strange and unique homes we have sourced from Chicago Agent Magazine.

Hobbit Home, Bethel Springs, TN – This three-bedroom ‘hobbit home’ is nestled within a lush green hill. It features a grass covered roof and plenty of windows to allow for natural lightening. It comes with an added bonus of 38 acres of fruit trees.

Bunker House, Glendale, CA – This house was built in 1948. The original construction was intended to provide protection to residents by featuring an underground bomb shelter. It has since been converted to a guest room, but it doesn’t hurt to have as a backup in case of an unforeseen Zombie Apocalypse.

Ghost Town Home, Pearce, AZ – Built in 1895 the Soto Bros. and Renaud store has been renovated in recent years and features living quarters for residents. The property also includes a courtyard, blacksmith shop, buggy garages and a ramada.

Earth Home, Marshfield, VT – Architect Bob Chapelle spent much of his retirement constructing this home. He got his inspiration from building styles he saw while residing in Africa. The property includes 47 acres of land featuring a large pond and wooded areas.

Jailhouse, Fayette, MO – Built in 1875 this home once belonged to a local sheriff. It has since been converted to a two-bedroom residence with hardwood flooring. Attached to the house is a 2,500 square-foot jail with a booking room and 9 cells.

Wolf Trap Lighthouse, Port Haywood, VA – This historic lighthouse is perfect for a buyer that really likes their privacy. This home sits in the Chesapeake Bay and is a 3-mile boat ride from shore. Talk about a low walking score.

What do you think about these unique homes? Next time that standard single-family home is just not doing it for your buyers who are looking for something different, show them this list and see if anything piques their interest. Perhaps they’ll surprise you and decide they want to live in a renovated schoolhouse or a converted bomb shelter. Get creative; the possibilities really are endless.