Upgrade Your Listing Copy: The Power of Positivity

Author: Kelly Cruz, Customer Support Specialist – Realty Partners LLC

Sarasota, FL. June 10, 2021 – Having writer’s block? Writing listing copy can be frustrating, especially for buyers-agents who don’t usually work with sellers. Selling a home is more than advertising its features, it’s about creating an attractive summary of the property that will help buyers envision themselves living in the home.

Words are powerful. Use the power of positivity when choosing your verbiage for listing copy. For instance, instead of “well-maintained yard” paint a picture with “a manicured lawn leads to rose bushes that line the front of the house.” Replace over-used words (quaint) with stronger words (picturesque). Think about which words are more likely to compel buyers to see the property with their own eyes by scheduling a viewing.

Keep it positive – but keep it honest too. You’re not doing your sellers any favors by inadvertently setting-up buyers for disappointment by overselling the quality of the property. If the property is that bad, check-out this comical (yet, still mostly positive) example.

The key is to simply highlight the listing’s most note-worthy features to ensure your message is positive through-and-through. Don’t forget to send your copy to your Listing Concierge for proofreading and best practices before you publish.

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