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Service Details

Virtual Assistant Service

Not Available
Phone Answering
Dedicated Phone Line/Ext through Ring Central forwarded all the time or as needed to your VIP Specialist during the hours of 8 to 5 and to a personalized voicemail after hours.
Email review & response
Email review and response is an optional service for our Platinum VIP Agent's. Realty Partners will not make decisions or sign documents on the Agent's behalf but can and will notfiy the agent that something needs their attention or inquire as to how they should respond. This service will require a training with your VIP Specialist in order to understand how you like things organized and responded to.
Scheduling/Calendar Assistance Setup
Link that can be added to website & email for clients to remotely schedule time with you. This link will be setup to link to your Google Calendar and then the link can be provided at your discretion to those that inquire about an appointment with you.


Not Available
Setup of Company Quickbooks Online
This is for those who are not yet setup we will setup a Quickbooks online file for you. If Quickbooks online is already in place we will just need to be added to the Accountant portion of the program. Note: Member is responsible for any Quickbooks subscription fees.
Setup of Bank & Credit Card Accts
Login information for the online banking accounts and any credit cards will be required for this setup.
Monthly reconciliation of bank accounts
Bank accounts will be reconciled by the 10th of each month. At that time you will be email copies of your monthly profit & loss for your review.


Not Currently Available

7 Days of Adwerx Automated Marketing

kvCore & Social Media Platform Promotion

30 Days of Adwerx Automated Marketing

Listing Concierge
We will provide Pre-Listing and Listing Coordinator Services in accordance with the listing coordinator services overview. Number of transactions based on new files opened during any given calendar month.
$250 per listing

Unlimited Use of Real Estate Help Team Listing Coordinator Services

1 Listing Coordination Service included per month

50% off the cost of ONE Listing Coordinator Service

(on 1st listing)
Transaction Coordination
Number of Real Estate Help Team Transaction Coordinator (contract to closing) Services provided during any given calendar month. Note: Combination Seller Side/Buyer Side transactions count as two files and discount provided will apply to the more expensive file/transaction side.
Buyer Side – $350
Seller Side – $250

Unlimited use of Real Estate Help Team Transaction Coordinator Services

1 Transaction Coordination Service included per month

50% off the cost of ONE Transaction Coordinator Service

(on 1st listing)
Payroll Processing
Payroll will be setup and processed through Square Payroll. All accounting and Journal Entries will be synced with Quickbooks Online. All Quarterly and year end documentation will be filed on your behalf via Square Payroll. Note: Any subscription fees for Quickbooks Online and/or Square Payroll will be the responsibility of the Member.
Not Available

Scheduled Payroll Processed as needed/requested by Agent

Year-end payroll documents (W2) and reports processed

Business Setup
Doing business as a PA or PLLC can provide significant tax benefits. Depending on your situation we will register a PA or LLC for you with Sunbiz, get your license transferred to the company and help you get an EIN number and Subchapter-S election for your company. This is a separate service from the full VIP packages and does not require membership in the VIP Program after set up is complete. Please note that we do not provide legal ar tax advice. We recommend you address any legal or tax related questions with your attorney or accountant.

Register Company Name w/ Division of Corporations (State of Florida) [P.A. or LLC]

FEIN Registration w/ IRS

SUTA Registration w/ State of Florida

New Hire Registration w/ State of Florida

Payroll Setup w/ Square Payroll

Payroll Integration w/ Quickbooks Online

Individual Membership Fee Per Month

$795 $395 $195