Virtual Showings

Author: Kelly Cruz, Customer Support Specialist – Realty Partners LLC

Sarasota, FL. August 6, 2021 – A lot has changed since 2020 and businesses have had to make a lot of adjustments; Real Estate is no exception. We think that one of the greatest things that came from having to adjust is the shift into virtual based business. Thanks to paperless e-sign, video chatting, and smartphones the shift was almost seamless. Many agents now are opting to keep things as virtual as possible and are even offering virtual showings for their buyers or sellers.

Virtual showings are safer and more convenient, and they come in a few different forms

1) Live Video: This is great for agents whose buyers either cannot be in person due to their location, busy schedule, or they are simply social distancing. Most agents opt to simply do this on their smart phone via Facetime, Zoom, or another video call app. They then tour the property with their buyer viewing live. This gives the buyer the opportunity to guide the agent to areas they want to see close-up or take another look at.

2) Prerecorded: Sellers who would like to minimize foot traffic in their home may opt to record a walk-through via their listing agent. This can then be uploaded to their listing’s website or social media platforms. This helps buyers to get a better feel for the home than pictures alone and ultimately decide whether they would like to take the time to see the property in person.

3) 360 Virtual Tour: Agents can go one step further and use a 3D virtual tour service such as Matterport or Zillow 3D. Buyers can view the home as if they were in person with 360 imaging. They can “move” around the home, up and down the stairs and through each room. Bonus if the service offers a 3D floor plan.

Whether you are working with a buyer or a seller there is always a virtual showing option that will work for you. These options are convenient for both the agent and the customer. This keeps you and your buyer/seller safer and saves you time which you can use to focus on prospecting new business.