What To Do Instead of Cold Calling for Your Real Estate Business

You’re a new agent, and prospecting has been drilled into your head since the beginning – even before you stepped foot in real estate. Your teachers, mentors, and training programs have all said that the best prospecting strategies have been cold calling, door knocking, and other such methods like calling on FSBOs (which, by the way, is on the decline). These may have worked for those agents of the past where these tactics weren’t exhausted and cliched. Even the training programs’ cold calling lead generation scripts can be hit-and-miss with a low success rate. Whether that’s due to the real estate agent not being a “go-getter” should not be a weighing factor. What should is how they use their intelligence to circumvent the cold calling when one’s not the best at it.

Here are some alternatives to cold calling for your real estate business that you can use right now: Video Marketing + SEO + Niche Marketing = lead generation without cold calling, door knocking, or other methods that just aren’t you. And it won’t get you feeling down about yourself.

Niche Marketing

I will go over this briefly as I have done many videos that mention this already (maybe a compilation is in order…). Many people exist in this world, and, in turn, many different realtors that are fighting viciously for the same fish in the same part of the ocean. It’s fierce, and there are bigger fish out there than you that are looking for those same fish. What if you could get out of those red waters and into blue ones?

Thanks to Blue Ocean Strategy

Figure out where the people are not and create an opportunity there. Untapped potential waits for those that explore the depths of unknown waters.

Thanks to Blue Ocean Strategy

An example of this would be what I mentioned in the video about an influx of teachers and STEM professionals coming to Florida. Many of these STEM professionals are around the age of 32 and are quite tech-savvy. You need to have something that they don’t have that you can utilize. Your potential game plan could be to sign yourself up for Google Alerts for technology and see what rolls into your inbox every day. Also, ask your young offspring or offspring’s offspring to see what it is that’s dominating their life – then jump on it.

Also, another thing to remember is what makes your town/place unique and different. People want to see weird crap, something that wakes them up from their normal routine. Why do you think beautiful oceans, cute puppies, and ridiculous antics make more headway than anything else? Make something that will evoke an emotion, something memorable.

Video Marketing + SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization, is one of the main keys to any sort of marketing strategy. A good place to begin your brainstorming session for content (whether for blog or video posts which will feed each other in a loop – in a good way) would be keyword research and trending topics. I listed several tools in the FB Live post that I did on January 9th, but here are my main favorites to use for that.

Keyword Everywhere

In the video, I make the mistake and call it Keywords Anywhere, which is wrong. So don’t do it, as you won’t find it. But this is a fantastic tool for getting those keywords that are most used and their derivatives to give you a really good idea of which long tail keywords to use. Long tail keywords are simply keywords that have more words in them or are more complicated than something, say, “real estate” would offer. I went ahead and searched, “cold calling real estate” to get an idea of what was out there. Here’s what the software showed me:


MOZ is another option to explore to get your keyword research in your control. There’s a handy plugin that goes right into your browser that gives you domain authority of the page you’re looking at (this includes your competition!) and which keywords they are using.  They have a fantastic array of different search engine maximization tools that will assist in giving ideas for content that will be special to you and your real estate business. That uniqueness will give a higher chance to rank higher in Google.


Another tool I mentioned was UberSuggest. This site is run by a guy who really knows his SEO and often gives almost too many pointers how best to get your content up and out there for the world to see – and he will give the entire picture.  

Neil Patel has been actively working on multiple sites for years and truly knows how best to rank in the Google Monster’s machine. Don’t believe me? Google “How to do SEO” and see who pops up.

Video/Live Action

Once you have an idea, this is where you write out your ideas in an outline (or wing it, if that’s what more your style and you’re not really easily thrown off track like :ahem: someone >_>) and then record what you have. In the latest update from PostPlanner, they forecast that FB Live is only going to increase in importance further down the road, so start recording yourself and start practicing: it’s only going to get “worse” from here. This is only a tip on going over to Facebook Live. What you’ll astutely note is that usually after I have the FB Live event, I will download it from FB and then upload it to YouTube. Remember: GOOGLE OWNS YOUTUBE. Capitalize on that, and that’s what I do with the FB Lives after they’re done. I not only get the counts on FB from the Live event but then I optimize that using TubeBuddy to make sure I get double points on Google.

Because Google owns you.

Did I miss anything? Comment below!