Is Print Marketing Dead?

Author: Kelly Cruz, Marketing Coordinator – Realty Partners LLC

Sarasota, FL. January 6th, 2022 – Is print marketing dead? It is a common misconception that with everything going digital there will soon no longer be a need for printed marketing materials. For the REALTORS® out there we ask you this: Would you list a home without a for sale sign? Would you hold an open house without flyers? Would you go to a listing appointment without business cards and handouts? If you answered no to any of these questions, then you can see where print marketing still makes a big impact on the real estate business.

Marketing should be approached from all possible directions, including both digital and print. The statistics on print marketing may surprise you. In fact 70% of Americans prefer to read on paper and 67% prefer printed materials over digital. 80% of traditional mail is opened while 80% of emails are disregarded. Not only does print material make a memorable impact but according to the International News Media Association, print materials increase ROI at a higher rate than online or radio ads.

Physical marketing materials give customers something to hold and keep. This appeals to their senses and helps boost sales. According to a marketing study; for every 2000 business cards given out sales increase by 2.5% on average. Other materials that help to engage or reengage customers are direct mail. Consider handwritten letters for your farming market or to previous buyers who may be considering another move. Calendar magnets, mouse pads, and other branded items are great marketing tools that potential buyers or sellers will see on a consistent basis, keeping you as a REALTOR® top of mind if they are considering relocation.

We all know how important signs are for your real estate business. Could you imagine an open house or a listing with no sign? We wouldn’t suggest it. Signs are bold and eye-catching; they entice a passerby to stop and take a further look. This makes for a great opportunity to connect your print marketing with your digital marketing. You can use QR codes on signs or install an outdoor flyer dispenser for flyer handouts with QR codes. The codes can be scanned by phone to direct a buyer to your website, a video home tour, or almost anything you can think of. This gives buyers a more immersive experience.

So back to the original question; is print marketing dead? On the contrary, it is still very much alive and thriving. As a REALTOR® you want to cover all your bases in marketing; this includes digital AND print. Technology is constantly evolving but nothing takes the place of a good old fashioned hand-written card. Better yet, learn how to incorporate digital and print in your marketing in tandem and make a lasting impression on your customers.