Passive Income & Ownership

Benefit from the best revenue sharing plan in the industry that pays you up to $4,500/year on personal referrals plus refer only 2 to qualify for 10% binary commission match down unlimited levels, plus receive generous pre-IPO stock stock awards and stock option grants beginning with your first closing. Top Producers can qualify for the STAR Agent Award and receive up to $25,000/year in company stock.

Realty Partners Has Innovated A True Partnership Marketing & Business Concept, Including The Industry’s First True Profit Sharing and Equity Ownership Program!

The majority of Realty Partners Holdings Inc. (RPHI) is owned by our agents and associates. RPHI is an umbrella company that holds the Realty Partners brokerage, a multi-state Tittle Company as well as lending and other service providers we will add in the future as we grow.

We are currently working on taking RPHI public in the near future.

55% of brokerage profits are distributed to qualified agents and associates, and once you become a shareholder of RPHI you can also participate in the earnings of Title and other profit centers.

You begin to receive stock grants with your first closing and qualify for participation in the profit sharing program once you generate as little as $7,500/year in company revenue (approx. $1 Million transaction volume and half your annual CAP). Once you CAP you receive a $5,000 stock award.

This affords you the opportunity to share in both the ownership and profits of the brokerage as well as any other current or future RPHI subsidiaries, including title, lending and other service providers as they come online.

Revenue Sharing
The Realty Partners Revenue Sharing Plan is designed to allow agents to generate immediate weekly & monthly residual income for sharing Realty Partners with other agents and referring agents to Realty Partners. Earn up to $4,500/year for each agent you refer to Realty Partners, plus qualify for a 10% revenue match down infinite levels under our Binary Revenue Sharing Plan.

STAR Agent Award
Exceptional agents can qualify to receive up to $25,000 a year in company stock.

Stock Option Plan
In addition to generous stock grants upon your first closing and upon meeting your annual CAP, you can also qualify to receive significant stock option grants as you qualify for Profit Sharing ranks each year.

Current the Rank Award Stock Option Grants will award 2,500 shares to Associates, 10,000 shares to Jr. Partners, 25,000 shares to Partner and 100,000 shares to Sr. Partner rank qualifiers upon qualification. This means you can qualify for up to 137,500 shares under the program.

Fast Track Program
Under our fast track program you have the opportunity to meet your first year’s profit sharing qualifier during your first 90 days, by advancing through of the following positions: Associate: refer 1 new agent during your first 30 days and qualify for Associate rank, Jr. Partner: refer 2 new agents during your first 60 days and qualify for Jr. Partner rank, Partner: refer 4 new agents during your first 90 days and qualify for Partner rank.

In addition to qualifying for Profit Shares, you will also receive the corresponding Rank Award Stock Option Grants.

Vesting & Retirement
Our programs vest over 3 years and create a very real exit strategy for you to retire and continue to receive the full benefits of our various programs.

Top Marketing Tools & Technology

Realty Partners provides you with the industry’s leading technology and marketing solutions – valued at over $1,500/month – at zero additional cost.

We empower our agents to perform at the highest level with best in class technology solutions and marketing tools. These tools are part of our all-inclusive business model at zero additional cost. The following is just a partial list.

kvCore Enterprise
CRM and IDX Website Solution
Inside Real Estate’s kvCore is the nation’s leading provider of IDX and Lead Management solutions to the top agents and teams in the industry.

Core ListingMachine and CoreSocial
This amazing suite of tools will allow you not only to super-charge your listing marketing and exposure, but also to put your social media marketing on auto-pilot.

Core BackOffice (formerly BrokerSumo)
You have access to full reporting and accounting for your transactions, your income, and much more – including comprehensive team accounting for team leaders.

Google Workspace
G-Suite Business Email with full support for your domain/domain email (, Google Drive w/30 GB storage and the full suite of Google Apps for Business.

DotLoop Document  & Transaction Management
You will receive a complimentary DotLoop Premium account, which includes complete forms and transaction management and electronic signature / e-sign solution.

Workplace by Facebook
Workplace is our Intranet Platform and messaging system that allows you to quickly locate resources, training, coaching, communicate with other team members, real time access to your broker and so much more. Realty Partners was the first real estate company outside of Silicone Valley to partner with Workplace.

ListHub Pro
ListHub not only allows you to automatically syndicate your listings to hundreds of sites but also provides detailed marketing reports for your Sellers.

This survey and review management system will automatically generate surveys and review requests for your closed transactions and provide you with a review and feedback portal you can use to highlight your customer reviews.

Training & Support

Extensive training and support are at the heart of our agent-centric, success-focused partnership culture.

The industry continues to evolve rapidly and professional development, as well as training and coaching to empower our agents to take advantage of the latest technology are at the core of our mission and of course provided free of charge.

Ongoing Training
We have weekly and monthly training programs you can attend live or via re-play, to support different topics for all levels of agents.

We have a bi-weekly coaching program for both emerging as well as very experienced agents. There is no charge for this program.

Extensive Training Library
Virtually every training ever held can be accessed through our Workplace platform.

Lunch and Learns
In addition to our online training events, we also have local live training opportunities in our various markets.

Realty Partners Academy
We host a number of training programs on our Trainual teaching platform.

Rebus University
Rebus University is the leading online training platform for REALTORS and provides agents with dozens of courses hosted by top agents around the country, including the coveted “Certified Listing Agent” (CLA) and “Certified Buyer Agent” (CBA) certifications,. Our agents receive a full-access pass to the entire RebusU curriculum.

Lead Generation

With multiple lead generation programs we will help you grow your business.

You will benefit from our company’s partnership with OpCity, providing a steady lead flow at zero up-front cost.

In markets with over 20 agents we also offer additional company lead generation at zero up-front cost.

In addition you can manage your own lead generation via the kvCore market center – offering both Google and Facebook advertising opportunities.

Whether you are just starting out, or a successful agent looking to take your business to the next level, marketing and lead generation are critical to your success.

Since lead generation is becoming more competitive and expensive, and because many agents do not have the budget to make significant up-front lead generation investments, we have  partnered with a number of providers to drive lead generation for our agents.

The Realty Partners OpCity lead generation program is performance-driven, meaning the more effective your participation, the more opportunities you will receive. There are no up-front costs to participate and OpCity charges an industry standard referral fee at closing.