The Realty Partners 100% Plan

No monthly fees. Just $295/Transaction on 5 transactions/year.

Created for real estate agents who are looking for the ‘basics’ at the lowest possible cost, the Realty Partners 100 plan offers the most economical 100% model without any hidden fees or surprises.

As a Realty Partners 100 agent you can also earn passive income with our binary revenue sharing program.

If you need world class technology and marketing tools, together with the ability to earn stock and stock option grants, as well as participate in our profit sharing plan, however, the Realty Partners 100 Plan will not work for you.

Realty Partners 100 agents are not able to participate in ownership incl. Title & Lending, pre-IPO stock, stock option grants and our annual Profit Sharing Plan, or the $20,000 annual STAR Agent Award. You can however join as a Realty Partners 100 agent and then later upgrade to the Full Service Plan at any time.

For more details about the Realty Partners 100 Plan and a side by side comparison, please visit the Realty Partners 100 site at

Also be sure to watch the 12 minute presentation about our Full Service Plan and all associated benefits at our About Us page.