Introducing Sharron Dillon

Would you like to become a co-owner of your brokerage, and profit from Title and other income streams? 

Please meet our newest co-owner and equity partner, Sharron Dillon, who has done it. Sharron is not just one of our REALTOR agents, but she is also a co-owner of our brokerage, title company and other profit centers.

Sharron Dillon became licensed in July of 2016 after deciding to make a move from the Medicare insurance industry. She wanted to continue helping others and building relationships by guiding them through the legalities and processes to a winning result. She found that Real Estate would be the perfect fit to utilize those skills and provide her with an exciting and rewarding career. Sharron loves the diversity of people she gets to meet and communities she gets to learn more about, while she continues to grow in knowledge of the industry itself.

In July of 2017, Sharron moved her license from Keller Williams to Realty Partners. She understood Realty Partners’ vision of an agent owned company that was so unheard of in the Real Estate industry. The brokerage was offering a new paradigm with an exit strategy and residual income. She says the sense of community, support, and knowledge that is shared among the agents is refreshing. Agents are provided with the newest tools in the industry that she says feels “like riding on autopilot”.

Some of Sharron’s top professional goals for the next 5 years are to continue vesting at each partner level while sharing the word of the unique opportunity with Realty Partners. She plans to double the amount of listings and buyers she works with while continuing to recruit more agents to the brokerage.

Realty Partners has pioneered an entirely new ownership opportunity for real estate professionals, complete with a true exit strategy for retirement multiple passive income streams and more.

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